Shirebrook Tales

1: Ill Met in Shirebrook

  • Rayna gets tracked down by the Guild. She owes a lot of money (10K gold and the vig is running), and Vinnie the Stick wants to collect. She’s ready to flee. Contacted by Gullivar Moon, asks her to look after his kids in Shirebrook.
  • Groo is fed up at home. Gets a message from the kids of his friend Gullivar, Moira and Declan, asking for help with a treasure-seeking adventure. He packs up and heads for Shirebrook.
  • Rayna arrives, tracks down the kids. She heads to the Old Reliable Tavern and talks to Regina Stoat; she’s renting them a cabin. Rayna heads there, but the door is busted in and there’s someone inside.
  • Groo arrives in Shirebrook. Morris Stoat tells him that his sister Regina is renting them a cabin. When he arrives, the door has been kicked in, and he goes in to investigate.
  • Groo and Rayna meet. They find Gullivar’s son Declan, a young cleric, trapped under a bookcase. He and his sister, a wizard named Moira, were attacked by thugs. Declan was stabbed but managed to heal himself before passing out.
  • Moira and Declan were researching a giant black pearl hidden somewhere in the great ruined city. Moira was a little too loud about in Anvil, and the bandit leader Kelley overhead them, followed them home to Shirebrook, and kidnapped Moira, leaving Declan for dead.
  • Bandits attack! Groo kills one spectacularly. Rayna apprehends the other alive. He tells them they were there for Moira’s notebook. Moira, thinking Declan dead, spilled her guts. She needs her notebook to track down the pearl though.
  • Groo and Rayna turn the surviving bandit over to Regina.
  • With Declan in tow, they head out to rescue Moira.


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