Shirebrook Tales

3: A Warm Welcome

  • Groo, Rayna, and Declan arrive at the ruins. Declan recognizes a few landmarks from Moira’s notebook, and eventually leads them to an underground tunnel entrance.
  • The tunnel is surrounded by a circling mass of 100+ zombies! They all seem attracted to the tunnel entrance but can get no closer than about 50’ to it.
  • Groo uses his knowledge of stonework to knock down the wall of a nearby building, clearing a section of the zombie horde out just long enough for them to dash through.
  • First room is a trapped tile floor. Kelley’s two bandits are there dead. Moira is there too, still alive. They rescue her and decide to go in, to ensure Kelley doesn’t get the pearl.
  • Next they encounter a locked room trap. They’re unable to break free but, after sounding an alarm (there’s no one left alive down here to hear it) it resets and frees them.
  • Next is the main chamber, a huge spherical copper room crisscrossed with catwalks. There’s a key dangling in the center, plus three other doors out, one of which has three keyholes. They enter one of the side chambers first.
  • This is the Fiery Treadmill Trap, a room with a sliding floor that moves them towards a wall of flame. Groo and Rayna defeat a pair of flying swords, which serve as the triggers to disarm the trap and release the key here.


ZombieButch ZombieButch

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