Shirebrook Tales

4: The Black Pearl

  • Groo and Rayna face the Watery Grave trap, a room with a dropping floor that fills with water.
  • The room is guarded by a giant octopus. It’s had one of it’s eyes carved out and replaced with a metal lockbox that’s enchanted to keep it alive. Groo and Rayna keep the box as a souvenir.
  • In the central room, they make short work of an automaton on the Mossy Catwalk, retrieving the final key.
  • The three keys open the Abyss Room. It’s a narrow, rickety bridge across a seemingly bottomless abyss. Voices come up from it, whispering from the depths, though only the person on the bridge can hear them. (It’s actually just an illusion.)
  • Finally they reach the Temple of the Black Pearl. Moira picks up the pearl and it instantly sucks the flesh from under her skin and the eyes out of her head. The zombies outside start howling and Moira is talking in the tongue of the ancients who built the ruins.
  • Rayna slaps the pearl out of Moira’s hands, granting her a brief vision of an army of Lovecraftian horrors marching towards some vast, mountain-sized monstrosity.
  • The pearl shatters. The temple begins to collapse. Groo throws Moira over his shoulder and the group runs out.
  • Kelley is nowhere to be seen. He was hiding in the museum when they went past and took off before they did when the whole place started to shake.
  • Outside the zombies are all de-animated.
  • Moira awakens, shaken but otherwise all right. The group returns to Shirebrook.
  • Moira and Declan decide that that was the end of their adventuring career. They plan to open a school and library in the town.
  • Groo and Rayna decide to stick around, but are in need of cash. They plan on picking up a job guarding a small trade caravan headed for Anvil.
  • Rayna and Groo level up to 3rd level.


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